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We are thrilled to assist you with viewings, and we kindly ask that you schedule an appointment with us. Please feel free to reach out to us via phone or WhatsApp at 9777-1680. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to welcoming you. Thank you!
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Who Are We

Established in Singapore as the importers and sole distributors of Premium automatic Mahjong tables and accessories, we bring to you a great Chinese lifestyle product simplified! Our fast and efficient services, timely delivery and punctual maintenance services make us the preferred choice when it comes to the king of all Chinese games. 

So, Why Automatic
Mahjong Tables?

Now see the awe-struck faces of your friends when you expertly deal the tiles at the touch of a button … the owner’s pride, these beautifully designed Mahjong tables do all the hard work while letting you have the fun! Let go of manual dealing, unnecessary physical contact with the tiles and chips and the noisy experience of regular Mahjong and make way for an all new gaming experience! Enjoy your favourite Mahjong with our contemporary Automatic Mahjong Tables in style – just the way you prefer it!

These tables come with superior finish, sleek and compact design and are easily foldable for storage. Operated by remote control device, these high-tech gadgets are strong and sturdy and offer the ultimate finish to match your class and style.

Our round-the-clock maintenance services ensure your Mahjong experience is uninterrupted and very pleasurable.


Offering very minimal physical contact with the tiles, these machines are the perfect hygienic way to enjoy a round of Mahjong. The Automatic Mahjong Tables offer a quiet and peaceful gaming experience where the sounds are only those of glee and cheer and not the unpleasant clutter the tiles and chips make, making them the best solution for late-night parties with undiluted fun!


Because you don’t waste any time in manual operations, this amazing AMT increases speed of each game which means you can pack more games inthe same amount of time. Cool, isn’t it?


No More Cheating
The AMT is totally computerised. No player can now manually manipulate card stacking and dice throwing.

icon4 Peace
This AMT is so peaceful that your loves ones,especially the elderly and kids,can now enjoy sound and peaceful sleep even while you are “Mahjong Networking” through the night!


Our Mission and Core Values

As passionate for Mahjong as you are, we strive to bring to you the high-class, superior quality Mahjong experience at your doorstep.

We take Mahjong very seriously … just like you do! Sourcing the gems of automatic Mahjong tables from around the world, we offer you a slice of indulgence ... all your very own! Our endeavour to offer you the best Mahjong experience comes from our passion for the game and an urge to offer the highest levels of quality and satisfaction.

To offer state-of-the-art Mahjong experience to our patrons
To maintain high-class quality standards
To offer serene and hygienic Mahjong options
To ensure efficient services and prompt maintenance
To be a one-stop solution to the elite Mahjong experience

Our Mission and Core Values

The Team Behind Everything

Jason Chong

As an ardent Mahjong fan, Jason Chong uncovered the need for automatic Mahjong tables in the elite Singapore society, where time and hygiene are of essence. Finding the solution in the form of JSBT, Jason founded the company in Singapore to offer premium Mahjong experience in the Lion city thus fulfilling the need to provide state-of-the-art Mahjong equipment for the suave Singaporeans.

Christine Ko
Marketing Manager

As the in-charge of the market, she knows the Singapore Mahjong pulse like her own. A Mahjong fan herself, she seeks the best when it comes to Automatic Mahjong Tables and accessories. Providing the perfect fit for your Mahjong requirements is what she is best at!

KB Chong
Head of Maintenance

With over 30 years of experience in maintenance of premium gaming products, your Automatic Mahjong Table is in the perfect hands when it comes to set-up, maintenance and repair. Available round-the-clock KB Chong’s team strives to provide impeccable service for any kind of maintenance work required.